Successes and Failures

My trip to FANS 12 Hour was a success. My flights on American went smoothly, my AirBnB was great and I hit my goal of walking 44 miles in 12 hours.

I also came in 2nd overall and first male.

But then Monday came.

Feel good physically but two of my upcoming trips got tripped up. I planned to go to WS 100 and Lyft drive and maybe pace / crew and I got a great deal on a condo near the start.

Well I thought the deal was to good and it fell through yesterday.


So no condo for me. Have to figure out what I want to do.

Then I got news of my flight to the Great New York City 100 miler, it got changed again. With a 11 hour layover in Dallas!

After a few calls I got it changed thankfully but lost my “after 100 I need an aisle seat” option.

And Thankfully found an okay Airbnb for Sunday night.

So mainly wins but one epic fail.