Endurance Twitter 08.04.20

Nick Willis@nickwillis·

Most injuries are preventable through very gradual exposure to new stress loads. Take your time, don’t rush into any new phase of training and your body will make the necessary adaptations to handle high loads eventually.

Jonathan Gault@jgault13·

The last time cross country was in the Olympics was 1924 — also in Paris. The temperature reached over 100F and 23 of the 38 starters dropped out of the race, causing Red Cross volunteers to search for them on the course.

Sean Ingle@seaningle · Jul 30

World Athletics say they are looking to have a mixed-relay cross country event at the Paris 2024 Olympics, with two men and two women each running 2 1/2km twice…

Peter Bromka@Bromka·

Question for Running Media: Have we come across any reported cases of Covid caught WHILE RUNNING? Not socializing before or after. I think all runners would love to know if there is a documented case. Thank you! @ChrisChavez@erinstrout