The majority of us have probably said, “I want to feel better/faster/stronger when I run.” Often when people start running, an emphasis is put on running fast. I’d argue that in trail running, ‘fast’ takes all the credit while ‘efficiency’ quietly and humbly does most of the work.

Preparing for Steep Events When Mountains Aren’t Available

“For someone coming from the flats, the best way to combat that big-elevation race is to get out and run your long run,” says McMillan Running coach and two-time Hardrock 100 finisher James Bonnett. “Creating a big aerobic base during your building phase will help to create a strong foundation for your race and allow you to handle the terrain easier.”

James Bonnett

Living in a place that’s flat shouldn’t negatively affect our chance of success in any race, including events with significant slopes. Though vertically toughened legs are necessary, they don’t need to be built in the mountains. Incorporate these modalities into your next training cycle and you’ll forge a steep-proof body.