2020 End Of Trail Photos link

Last year I walked a PB for the half marathon at this Visalia race but this year I only did the 10k because of my lingering chest cold.

Sadly the race couldn’t change my race before I started and lamely told me to just tell the timer when I finished that I dropped down.

I did finish in the 10k chute in around 92 minutes for a 2020 10k walking PB and I planned to try and get to the timer but …

I left instead.

Why did I leave? Well I finished and saw a long table full of Dixie cups with chocolate milk. I like milk so I took one and then so as not to waste a cup I asked the older lady sitting at the table if she could refill my cup.

She rudely and loudly said I could only have one and I should think of the other runners who haven’t finished. Well there were over a hundred filled cups and a sponsor provided the milk so I doubt that was possible.

Maybe somebody told her to be the milk nazi #seinfeld but she didn’t need to be so rude. So I just left and doubt I will return.