03 September 2020

William & Mary is at least the 24th Division I school to cut a program (or more) since the COVID-19 outbreak in March.

The university had previously implemented cost-cutting measures that included voluntary salary reductions for Huge as well as head coaches Mike London (football), Dane Fischer (men’s basketball) and Ed Swanson (women’s basketball). W&M also reduced operating expenses across the department and instituted a hiring freeze.

On Sunday morning, August 30, just outside Burlington, Vt., Jim Miller became the first runner to achieve a sixth decade of sub-3-hour marathons under the pall of COVID-19. Miller, who will be 62 on Sunday, ran 2:53:59 in a race that he essentially organized, sanctioned and certified for himself and 13 other runner friends.

Miller becomes the fourth runner known to have run sub-3 marathons in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s (41 runners achieved the 5 decades from the 1970’s to the 2010’s). Miller is also the oldest of the quartet by a small margin. In addition, he now holds the record for the longest elapsed time between his first and most-recent sub-3. He clocks in at 43 years, 77 days. (See bottom of article for full stats).

Steve Schmidt and Antonio Arreola reached their sixth decades last January in the Houston Marathon — about two months before Covid-19 ended most in-person road races. A month later, Peter Lagoy ran his sixth decade sub-3 in the Sprouts Mesa Marathon on a point-to-point Arizona course with an 800-foot elevation drop.

George SandersRunning Against Time

· Labor (or Labour) Day holiday this weekend in the US and Canada, not sure of the rest of the world, so a few races are going on.The big US race is ARFTA (A Race For the Ages) which starts Friday and ends at noon on Monday. You get at least 40 hours to run as far as you can with a bonus for those 41 and older. Those get an hour for each year of their age. Sandra Cantrell, did I get that right?Also this weekend areLhotze 200, Owasso, OKOlander Ultra, Sylvania, OH Badgerland Striders 6/12/24, Delafield, WIItalian Ultra Festival, Policoro, ITA starting Monday

USA Ultra Running

The Official Site of US Ultra Running Teams

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