12 Days to Summer Race Series 12 Hour | Making A Walker

Sunday was a busy one with 2 hour solo walk where I ran into Diego Diaz doing a 40 mile FKT on the Kern River Parkway. According to TrainingPeaks, I clocked my 10th best 10k of 2020 and then I came home and did my kettlebell routine followed by tether swim in the pool.

Then it was time to do a podcast with The Jester. We did a Zoom meeting on his victory lap at the Southern Discomfort 30 Hour. Then the rest of the day was spent working on the Andy Noise Experience YouTube channel and prepping for another Zoom meeting later in the day.

Because I was expecting to do a podcast around noon, I delayed taking my meds because they make me sleepy and I have to pee often. I usually take them around 9 am and then from 10 am to 1 pm, I can not do much but nap briefly between potty runs. The meds are what my cardiologist says are standard care for congestive heart failure and my vitals are better but I do lose these hours. As my youngest son Michael says sardonically “Welcome to health”.

The second Zoom got moved to the evening and it was a good one with Adam of Nor’ East Trail Runs. By the time I uploaded the podcast it was time to sleep. But it was not a good one. Fitbit had me sleeping from 22:02 to 1:03 for 2 hr 48 min / Sleep Score 73 (Fair). So as I write this, I am sleepy.

Since my next race is in two weeks, I am backing of the miles a bit. So today was a 10 minute spin bike to warm up and the a solo 60 minute tempo walk. To honor National Lazy Day, the Weasel slept in. The good news is despite the lack of sleep and company, I posted my 19th best 5k of the year and then I did my Pavel Kettlebell swings with the 20 pounder in 4:29.

To finish of the morning before med time, I did 2 miles on the Zwift / Treadmill while watching Anthony get away with school vandalism. So now it is Nap & Pee Time.

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