Endurance Twitter: 06.17.20

Hal Higdon
Do you want to improve as a runner? The key to improvement is consistency. Much more than any fancy training schedule featuring interval training, tempo runs or hill repeats. Just run day after day, week after week, year after year at a level where you do not become injured.

Michael Johnson
Jun 17
This from Christian Coleman: “I am willing to take a drug test every single day for the rest of my career for all I care to prove my innocence.” Proving your innocence is the very reason athletes follow the whereabouts and testing rules which he has repeatedly violated!

Jun 16
“Instead of smashing yourself with high-intensity training or epic long rides, take a step back and target your Aerobic Threshold. This window of great weather and no racing is your opportunity to build your most powerful aerobic base ever!” https://bit.ly/aerobic-threshhold

Jonathan Gault
Jun 15
NY Times story on how Brown men’s track & field and cross country teams were saved.

The campaign’s “swiftness, precision and organization surpassed that of some campaigns for public office.”

Jun 15
I saw 5 different HS Cross-Country teams out running this morning. 100% of them had Coaches wearing a mask and all teams were NOT running in large groups. I now see that this sport can be achieved in a safe manner and allow everyone to feel comfortable. #CrossCountry2020

Jesse Squire
Jun 14
In 1962 the first day of the USA vs USSR dual meet drew more fans than either the NFL Championship game or game 7 of the World Series. The second day drew even more.

BREAKING: Amador Valley HS junior John Lester ROARS to huge PR of 1:48.26 for 800m at the Last Hurrah Invitational in Arizona! That’s #5 in state history and fastest in California in 10 years! A couple of weeks ago, Lester ran 4:08.90 for the full mile! Look out for him in 2021!

Rich Gonzalez
Jun 13
To put Amador Valley junior John Lester’s 1:48.26 for 800m tonight in perspective, that’s #2 in state history for 11th graders, only behind the LEGENDARY Michael Granville (1:47.96 at 1995 Arcadia Invit’l). Granville then set the national record of 1:46.45 as a senior. OH MY!!
Frederick Reimers
Jun 10
“Researchers found that the number of creative ideas generated increased by roughly 60 percent while participants were walking, compared to when they were sitting.” good stuff here from
Walking Is Making a Major Comeback

Erin Strout
Jun 8
Give your running club leaders & local race directors encouragement or a virtual hug. Making decisions these days is not easy. If there was better leadership & guidance from public officials, we wouldn’t be in this position. Way above our pay grade. [Steps off tiny soapbox.]

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